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The Dowel Cold Feeding Rubber Extruder is suitable for the extrusion molding of hose, adhesive tape , sealing products and other rubber products; the dowel installed in the machine barrel is going deep into the notch corresponding to screw in the same function of dowel. The Dowel Cold Feeding Rubber Extruder has the advantages of high output, low temperature, low energy consumption, high quality uniformity, stable discharging and less rubber residual in screw after closing down.


Pin-type rubber extruders are mostly used for the extrusion and production of rubber tubes, so we often call them rubber tube extruders.


The pin type rubber extrusion equipment is characterized by several rows of pins evenly distributed in the barrel of the extruder. The rubber enters the barrel through the feeding system and is processed by the screw of the extruder, driving the operation of the rubber and the pins on the barrel to interact with each other. It can increase the extrusion pressure while giving the rubber a secondary mixing effect. This can increase the density of the rubber, and the extruded product will improve a lot in performance indicators such as compression and explosion resistance. In addition, the products extruded by the pin rubber extruder can also increase the smoothness of the product surface. Pin-type rubber extruders are usually not designed with vents, so they are relatively speaking of cold-feed vented rubber extruders.


As the glue supply system of the steel wire calender, the pin-type cold feed extruder has obvious advantages mainly as follows:

(1) The output is significantly better than the open mill and ordinary cold feed extruder;

(2) Energy consumption is significantly less than that of open mill and ordinary cold feed extruder;

(3) The temperature of glue output is obviously lower than that of open mill and ordinary cold feed extruder.


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