Polyamide 66 nylon plastic extruder

Polyamide 66 nylon plastic extruder

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Polyamide 66 nylon plastic extruder for thermal break strip is used for making polyamide strip, then make thermal break aluminum profile. Raw material is 25% glass fiber,75% nylon, low thermal conductivity, make energy saving thermal break window, door, curtian and walls etc.


Advantages of nylon insulation strip:

Nylon strips provide heat insulation, heat insulation and noise isolation. It is high temperature resistant and non-combustible. Nylon insulation strips can avoid gaps between the insulation strips and the metal due to thermal expansion and contraction. Good insulation effect.


Product Application:

Automatic extruding machine is for polyamide thermal break strips used in aliminun windows and doors. Many customer use thermal break aluminum profile to do big air conditioner to keep heat of cold air, then make use of energy saving. We provide quality extruder machine along with various molds and raw material-nylon granules, and also the subsequent technical assistance. This machine includes  raw material auto loading device, heating system, thermal break strip extruder and strip drawing device

the complete line includes : auto loader , hopper dryer ,extruder ,mould . bracket 


【Processing Equipment】

Nylon insulation strip processing equipment is a nylon special extruder production line.

Feeding machine

2. dryer


4. Mold (composed of hot mold and cold mold)

5. Cutting machine

At present, the production line is very mature, and can be equipped with equipment with different production capacity according to the different needs of customers. The daily output ranges from 500 kg to 2000 kg. The extrusion die consists of a hot die and a cold die. According to the model size of the product, it is designed to have different extrusion quantities such as one out 28, one out 60, one out 80, one out 120, one 200, and one 300. Equipment production efficiency and capacity. The production line is equipped with automatic cutting machine, saw blade cutting, simple and convenient, and flat cut.

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