Plastic with drying hopper extruder

Plastic with drying hopper extruder

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Category: Dryer;

Weight: 50 (kg);

Dimensions: 800*370*1015 (mm);

Motor power: 2.6 (KW);

Product use: used for drying plastic particles and recycled materials;

Product alias: hopper dryer;

Model: STG-U40;



1. Save electricity, save energy up to 27%-65%

2. It can be directly connected to the feed inlet to prevent the plastic particles from absorbing moisture twice after drying

3. With superb drying effect, increase injection rate

4. Improve the quality of finished products

5. The raw material contact surface is all stainless steel design;

6. Precision die-cast aluminum shell, smooth surface, good heat preservation performance;

7. Silent fan, optional air filter to ensure the cleanliness of raw materials;

8. The barrel body and machine base are equipped with sight windows, which can directly observe the internal raw materials;

9. The curved design of the electric heating cylinder avoids burning caused by the accumulation of raw material dust;

10. The proportional deviation indicating temperature controller is used to accurately control the temperature.

11. High-performance digital display temperature adjustment, accurate temperature control

12. High-quality electrical components, safe and reliable operation

13. Hot air distribution is uniform: high thermal efficiency, greatly shortening the drying time.

14. Accurate temperature control: high-precision temperature regulator is used to eliminate temperature errors.

15. Save time and manpower: The barrel is separated from the base, which is convenient for cleaning and quick and easy to change.

16. Very reliable design: beautiful and firm, shorten the melting time of raw materials, and increase the injection speed.

17. The magnetic base is used for easy injection of raw materials, clean and clean, and it is not easy to block the injection screw.

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