Compound plastic extruder

Compound plastic extruder

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Shuangda newly developed compound plastic all-in-one machine plastic compound spiral sheath extruder


Special: two machine in one unit, space save, contain two material

Suitable for product:PVC plastic spiral pipe.........

PVC plastic spiral pipe Specification:

The produced PVC plastic reinforced spiral pipe has the characteristics of resistance to extrusion, corrosion, negative pressure, resistance to bending, good circulation, etc.

Application: Tup / Abs plastic spiral pipe application:
Oxygen humidification bottles, ventilator and anesthesia threaded tubing


1-30&45 plastic extruder

1.Co-extruder machine

2.L:D  28:1

3.Feeding way:45 Auto suction/30 manual work

4.Screw material :38GrMoAcA Nitrided steel

5.Output max:20-40kg

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