Hob granulator Hob pelletizer machine

Hob granulator Hob pelletizer machine

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Granulator/Plastic pelletizer machine

 Plastic pelletizer is a typical pelletizing product made by professionals, with superior performance, reasonable structure, and durable materials. This type of pelletizer has better sealing performance and less material leakage. The cutter is composed of a rotary knife and a fixed knife. The knife distance is controlled by the fixed knife position, which is convenient to adjust. The rotary knife is a hard alloy hob with extremely high wear resistance. The whole machine has no gear design and is driven by a belt, which can effectively reduce the noise of the machine. The independent electrical box of the pelletizer is convenient, safe and beautiful.


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 1. Ordinary (conventional) blade pelletizer: The machine has six-blade and nine-blade models, stainless steel pelletizing hopper, and semi-enclosed blade table. Cut into pellets without tails.

2. Mechanical speed-regulating granulator with speed-regulating motor, power 1.5-2.2kw

3. Hob speed-adjustable granulator, horizontal low-noise hob granulator, complete models, such as 120,140,160,200, etc., and the granulation can reach 300kg/h



 1. When the machine is running, it is forbidden to touch the rotating parts such as the inlet, outlet, belt, gear, etc.

2. Lubricating oil should be injected before the machine is used to avoid damage to the pelletizer.

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