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Laminator is a kind of machine which can make all kinds of plastic film edge bonding and splicing. It is an indispensable tool for the post production of indoor portrait advertising. Can adapt to the present all thermoplastic films such as PVC film, EVA film, PE film, shade nets, insect nets, docking, edge connection, rope (wire) synchronous pressure side special operations.


The plastic laminator adopts cold pressing process to mount the cold mounting film and the picture, so that the picture has antiseptic, waterproof and ultraviolet ray resistance, and can keep the new color, no fading and no yellowing. It can make the picture produce strong stereoscopic feeling, and improve the artistic appeal and storage period of the picture. In addition, if the cold laminating film with a variety of lines, will produce a variety of artistic effects.Widely used in modern dress, art photography, computer printing, precious paintings, posters, exhibition, advertising pictures, important chart, book cover, file mounted, suitable for printing center, Design Institute, printing company, advertising company, the glass sliding door, graphic processing work CAD drawing etc.



1.The rollers are made of high quality natural rubber. The special formula and process are used to treat the roller. The rollers are not easy to aging and have better wear resistance, so that the roller surface is smoother, the film is not easy to wrinkle and deviation.

2.With metal spray table and bracket, the appearance is exquisite, bilateral pressure adjustment, flexible rotation, cold mounting effect is good.

Machine maintenance:

1.When cleaning the rubber roller, apply soft cloth dipped in alcohol or neutral detergent, then wipe with dry cloth. Absolutely don't allow hard material such as metal piece. No use of loose perfume, oil washing rubber roller.

2.Both sides of the wire rod should be regularly oiled. When the cots are not used for a long time, they should be separated from the top and bottom cots, so as to prevent the cot from deforming for a long time. is strictly prohibited to mount the hard material on a certain part of the rubber roller for a long time.

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