Weighting pulverizer machine

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Crusher is the large size solid raw material crushing to the required size of the mechanical crusher is composed of coarse crushing finely pneumatic conveying devices, in the form of high speed impact to achieve the purpose of the mill.Use of wind energy into powder, cancel the traditional screening process. Mainly used in mines, building materials and other industries.

Crush principles:

When the crusher working, the motor drives the main bearing and the turbine rolling very fast(Speed can achieve 700r/min).The grinding blocks of turbine and screen are composed of crushing and grinding pairs.When material from the hopper to machine cavity, the cavity material into the machine in rotating airflow closely friction and strong impact to the turbine blade edge, and again in the blade gap between grinding block and grinding.This broken grinding material, at the same time, the turbine inlet air in great quantities, these gases played a cooling machine grinding materials and transmit the role of the fine material: material crushing fineness depends on the nature of the material and screen mesh size, as well as the amount of material and the air through.The mill (crusher) bearing parts with special labyrinth seal, can effectively prevent the dust into the bearing chamber, so as to prolong the service life of the bearing. Machine door is equipped with two way O shaped rubber seal, without dust leakage, make no pollution in operating environment

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