Plastic granulator with cutting head

Plastic granulator with cutting head

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Plastic eagerly granulator equipment adopts advanced production principle, the use of plastic eager granulator equipment produced by the friction between the screw, double rub into strips granulating softening point temperature is reached, to change the traditional heating wire drawing into the principle of particle plastic film ribbon piece of soft foam plastic degradation material reproduction caused by particles from waste materials and Angle materials such as input



Plastic granulating eager advantage is another small material granulating material loss, high rate, grain finish high compactness of high efficiency and energy saving, easy operation, stable product quality, is the new type of ideal granulating equipment to recycle plastics and reproduce


Working flow:

PVC recycle extruder machine hot cutting pelletizing single screw granulator machine. 

This machine can treat all kinds of PVC material such as:

Hard PVC + Additives. Soft PVC + Additives.Transparent PVC+ Additives

Hard PVC, Soft PVC and Transparent PVC use different screw design, and their connection ways are also different. 


product feature:

 1.advanced equipment, precise pelletizing and high producing capacity.

 2. Conical double-screw extruder, very suitable to process PVC powder with high capacity

 3. Pelletizing style: Hot-cutting on mould face, even cutting ensures good shape.

 4. Auxiliary machine: Pellets cooling & classifying.


Contact: Ms. Jiang 18631970441 

              Ms. Wang 15530958789  junyan-j@shuangdajx.cn

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