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Plastic granulator - function:

The use of special screw design and different configurations, applicable to the production of PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA, PVC, PC, POM, EVA, LCP, PET, PMMA and other plastic recycling and mixing granulation. The reducer is designed with high torque to achieve no noise, smooth running and other performances. Screw, barrel hardened, with special wear-resistant, good mixing properties, characteristics of high yield, the design of the vacuum exhaust or common exhaust port, in the production process of water, exhaust gas, discharging more stable, more solid particles, ensuring the product quality.



Mainly used for processing the old or the waste plastic film(Industrial packaging film, agricultural mulch, greenhouse film, beer bag, handbags and so on), woven bag, the  agricultural convenient bag, plastic basin, plastic barrel, soft-drink bottle, furniture and the daily supplies. It is suitable for most common waste plastics and  the most widely used in waste plastics recycling industry, and the most popular plastic recycling machinery.



1.All recyclable plastic is sorted and broken and cleaned without drying or drying. It can be produced and keep wet.

2.From the raw material crushing, cleaning, expected to make particles are all automatic.

3.Make full use of high-pressure friction continuous heating system, automatic heating production to avoid continuous heating, truly realized the electricity saving.

4.The electric and the machine parts are separate, operation is simpler, use more secure.

5.The screw and the cylinder are made of the carbon steel materials, wear well.

6.The appearance of the machine can be painted according to customer's requirement and the surface looks nice.


Double stage extruder plastic granules production line

Increase the plasticizing capacity, reduce impurities, ash, and moisture. The quality is guaranteed. The secondary filter has a good exhaust effect. The particles produced are dense, bright in color and good in plasticizing.

This unit is mainly used for the recycling and granulation of various polyethylene films, sheets, fishing nets, silk, woven bags, ton bags, etc.


The choice of barrel screw

The upper machine generally uses a vented barrel screw, (higher configuration) the lower machine uses a non-vented barrel screw.

Generally, the machine model chooses a large model machine to melt the raw materials into a paste. Turn off the machine to heat up, and use low-temperature plasticization to ensure product quality.

The barrel screw that replaces the exhaust is suitable for LDPE and HDPE.


For materials with different melting points and different screw lengths, our technicians will provide you with professional answers.


Heating method of barrel screw:

Heating method of barrel screw:

Frist stage

 A electromagnetic heating, advantages: electromagnetic heating is fast, energy saving. But the input price of electromagnetic is relatively high

 B. Quartz tube heating, advantages: faster heating, suitable for small models of equipment. Disadvantages: no energy consumption and fast electricity.


Second stage: The heating method generally uses ordinary heating. If the temperature requirements are high, electromagnetic heating can be used on and off the machine.


Machine head choice:

The raw materials are less impurity: A on the machine: DC head B: motor head, hydraulic head.

There are many impurities in raw materials: A. Upper machine: hydraulic head B: lower machine: electric motor head or hydraulic head

Regarding the choice of the machine head, we also have a meshless die head. Both the meshless die head and the hydraulic die head can be changed without stopping the machine. The meshless die head is suitable for hard materials, not suitable for pvc, and the meshless head is suitable for 60 mesh.

 Main engine: 150 Auxiliary engine: 135


We suggested:

Barrel screw: on the machine instead of exhaust, off the machine without exhaust

Heating: electromagnetic heating on machine, quartz tube heating on off machine

Head: hydraulic head, half motor head under the machine

If you are interested in purchasing in the future, we can choose a suitable machine model according to your pelletized products.

If you still need a quotation for the entire line, you are welcome to reply, and we will give you a quotation for the entire line.


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