Plastic granulator with automatic feeding material

Plastic granulator with automatic feeding material

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brief introduction

According to the direction of the material flow direction of the head and the center line of the screw head, the extruder divides the machine head into an oblique angle head (an angle 120o) and a right angle head. The head of the shell is fixed on the machine body by bolts, die inside the core seat, fixed in the head line port and nut, a core mold core seat in front of the core and core seat with center hole, used by the core wire; a pressure equalizing ring in the front end, for balanced pressure extrusion; the package consists of forming die and die, die sleeve position by a bolt through the support to adjust, to adjust the relative position of the die sleeve core, adjustable extruded layer thickness uniformity. A heating device and a temperature measuring device are arranged outside the machine head.


Semi-Automatic packing line screw conveyor integrated with tabletop 1head weigher for 2.5kg coffee powder or washing detergent powder

Introduction of recycling plastic granules machine

The Waste Plastic Granulator Machine is used for regeneration and granulation of waste plastics,

PE (packaging film,plastic sheeting,awning film,handbag,ect) and PP (woven bag,cement bag,basin,barrrel,beverage bottle,ect.)


Description of plastic granulating machine

1.The machine is used to make salvage Polypropylene, polystyrene materials into pellets. Itcan press and pull the material into to strip with the high temperature ,the plastic strip can be cut into pellet by the cutting machine.

2. It is equipped with quick motor-operated filter-screen replacing unit and automatic temperature control.

The granulating crusher uses adjustable speed motor,pelleting with an extruding machine at the same discharging

speed synchronistically.


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