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By hand

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Same as the extruder

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30:1 Reducer

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Multi wedge belt dragger is design by Hebei Shuangda Rubber&Plastic Machinery CO.LTD.It is used for reducing the bending and twisting phenomenon, improve the qualified rate of finished products in producing the plastic products.It’s operation and performance are simple and stable.


Working principle:

Multi wedge belt tractor is consist of the motor device, holding device and the dragger.The tracker uses the AC motor to drive the main gear through the reducer and the spindle gear fixed on the track of the chain to realize the straight movement.


Using and Maintenance:

Check whether there have any foreign matters on the track,and check whether there have any non-connection personnel in the limited working area.

Check the chain whether is loose regularly and make sure the break is ready for use.

When the preparation is finished, the machine can adjust the speed and tension according to the actual needs.

Regularly add the grease into the reducer. 

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