4 m high temperature setting

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Exterior dimension(mm)


Heating method

Infrared heating

Maximum temperature


Heating power


Power supply

AC three - phase 380V 50Hz


high temperature oven

Vulcanizing equipment

The heating temperature can reach 300-400℃, so that the surface of silica gel products can be quickly shaped at high temperatures, and the transmission of silica gel products and the vulcanization and setting of the surface of the products can be realized.

Curing box

Vulcanizing equipment

The heating temperature can reach 180-200℃

Complete the secondary vulcanization effect


Microwave rubber vulcanization equipment and production process:


At present, the most practical basic process of microwave rubber vulcanization is: the molded product extruded from the extruder is conveyed through a conveyor belt or roller table, and then enters the microwave vulcanization device, where the rubber rapidly rises to the vulcanization temperature, and then enters the secondary vulcanization In the hot air tank, the rubber is kept at a certain temperature in the hot air tank for a certain period of time to complete the foaming and vulcanization process of the product. At this time, if the hot air tank is not used and the vulcanization is all carried out in the microwave tank, it is too wasteful of energy, and it is more economical to combine with the hot air tank.


The composition of the microwave rubber vulcanization production line includes extruder, high temperature setting equipment, microwave vulcanization equipment, hot air vulcanization equipment, cooling section, tractor, cutting machine, punching machine, etc.


Extruder: used to extrude the rubber raw materials into the required shape and structure. The extruded rubber is divided into single layer rubber (sponge or solid rubber), two-layer composite rubber (sponge and solid rubber), and three layers For compound rubber (steel core, sponge and solid rubber), four-layer compound rubber, etc., the structure and performance of the extruder used for different rubber types and specifications are also different.


High-temperature shaping equipment: It is mainly used to quickly vulcanize and shape the newly extruded rubber at high temperature to prevent its deformation or adhesion to the conveyor belt and damage its surface.


Microwave vulcanization equipment: Use microwave heating speed to heat the whole to the temperature required for vulcanization. This process only takes tens of seconds to one or two minutes.


Hot air vulcanization equipment: keep the rubber strip in the temperature range required for vulcanization and continue vulcanization.


Cooling section: used to cool the rubber strip to a temperature that can be cut and collected.


Traction machine: Provides the power for the rubber strip to move forward.


The above is just the basic configuration of vulcanized general rubber strips. When vulcanizing rubber strips with a skeleton, the front section of the extruder is also equipped with a steel core supply device, and sometimes a punching machine, a steel core forming machine and other equipment are sometimes provided in the back section as needed; when the vulcanization is not continuous No cutting machine is required for products.


Microwave heating equipment is the core link of the entire microwave vulcanization process. The uniform heat design of the microwave heating equipment is particularly important. The uniform heating design of the microwave heater is the prerequisite for the uniform vulcanization of rubber. In addition, the composition ratio of the rubber compound, the color depth and the surface finish will all have an impact on the microwave absorption performance. Consider doing appropriate coordination in the microwave heating process to meet the requirements of the process.

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