Automatic tube cutting and traction machine

Automatic tube cutting and traction machine

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PLC traction and cutting tube machine is made up of hebei double of rubber and plastic machinery co., LTD. According to the requirement of the product independently designed and developed  a  product, special in the online production of rubber and silicone tube, automatic length truncation. According to the product's different sets of length and the number of roots, realize online automation of a product.




Reduce the bending phenomenon, improve the qualified rate of products, reduce the amount of labor, increase  the effective production, operate simple, stable performance,  and realized the online automatic function and other characteristics.


This product consists of traction apparatus, meter device, truncation device and transmission device. The traction device is controlled by the frequency converter, the decelerator motor drives the conveyor belt, and realizes the straight circular motion.


Fault handling


Conveyor belt fracture or partial wear


Check for the tension whether is over big


Whether the tension is uniform


Error in product length


Check whether the traction is slipping


Whether the encoder is damaged


Snatch when cutting


Check for lubricants in the  knife box


Whether the motor or power transmission bearing is damaged



Snatch when cutting


Whether the synchronous belt is damaged

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