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Brief introduction of equipment function:This machine is using the electric heat to form and vulcanize various kinds of rubber products to achieve the desired performance of the product.The equipment can set different temperature and belt speed, has the function of continuous operation, reliable control and convenient operation.


Structure characteristics and installation:

1.This unit is consist of conveying device, vulcanizing box, heat generator, box door, rack, electrical control box.

2.The transmission motor is equipped with frequency converter, which can adjust the conveying speed at any time.

3.The two ends of the conveying roller are equipped with a deviation adjusting device, which can adjust the belt to run in the middle, and one end of the device is provided with a tightening roller, so that the belt is in a tight state.

4.Each section of the equipment is divided into two zones to control temperature, and two thermocouples are installed at the back of the equipment to control the temperature values of each district.

5.The electric control box is installed in the bottom frame of the vulcanizing box, with temperature controller, power switch, heating switch and frequency converter switch.

6.The speed control box is equipped with a speed control panel and a potential governor, which is easy to operate.

7.Equipment installation environment temperature of 0-40 degrees (non freezing, condensation), relative humidity PH < 90% (not condensation), altitude below 1000 meters, no dust around, corrosive gas, flammable gas, and avoid violent vibration.

Equipment operation:

1.Check the equipment wiring is good, no loose, no foreign body in the slot, and the box door is closed.

2.Check whether the power supply is achieve the requirement, and ensure the machine is in the good condition.

3.The power switch is switched on before the equipment is powered, after the indicator light is on, then open the frequency switch, and then, open the temperature switch.

4.Temperature setting: when the equipment is first installed, the temperature is between 100 and 150 degrees centigrade. When the temperature rises, the conveyor belt must be operated. After the temperature is reached, the heating is stopped, and the box door is opened to make it heat. After the cooling in the oven, the temperature is raised again. After 2 to 3 times, the temperature can be adjusted to the required setting value.


Maintenance of the machine:

1.The roller bearing is running at high temperature and should be injected with high temperature grease in time.

2.Before using the reducer, should add the gear oil. About running over 1000 hours later, new gear oils need to be replaced.The chain should be provided with proper grease between the sprockets.

3.Inside the vulcanizing box after use for a period of time, need to do a cleaning, the conveyor belt must be removed before cleaning.

4.After the equipment has been used for a period of time, the wiring of the electrical components in the power control box should be tightened once.


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