160 Single screw EPDM desulfurizer

160 Single screw EPDM desulfurizer

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Single screw regeneration rubber desulfurization machine is the first equipment of continuous high temperature atmospheric desulfurization machine. It is a prerequisite to ensure stable and good quality of reclaimed rubber products. The rubber powder, activator, plasticizer and other auxiliary agents can be uniformly mixed by the three-dimensional space mechanism under the controlled procedure. After mixing , stir the powder after the plasticizing agent into the plasticizer, desulfurization products are more thorough and cleaner, greatly improved the products indicators and stability, as well as energy-saving and environment-protecting. This production line is completely new, and it is a brand-new reform in the whole process of automatic operation of reclaimed rubber. Adopt the principle of high temperature atmospheric pressure plasticizing, electromagnetic heating mode, continuous production mode, automatic control system. Completely break the traditional design concept, single separate screw design, rubber powder running smoothly, uniform heating, stable product performance. It is true that when producing there is no danger, the operation measures is more simpler. Closed forced mixing cooling, improved the production of the final link, no waste gas, no water emissions,saved the energy and protected the environment.


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