Compound rubber hose extruder

Compound rubber hose extruder

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Composite rubber extruder is cold extruding and two colors by two extruders combined together, can produce double color rubber products, used for cutting and welding connection ventilation , high temperature resistant, high temperature resistant rubber tubing, pipe.Those products have the advantages of knitting, with wear resistance, aging resistance, ozone resistance, tube high pressure, soft, lightweight, good bending performance, small deformation, smooth and beautiful appearance etc.


The composite extrusion production process is a priority technology in the rubber industry. Through the composite extrusion equipment, products that can save materials and achieve multiple performance requirements are produced.


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Steel plate-steel belt storage rack-90&75 compound rubber extruder (three composite head)-chiller(10P)-30m vulcanization box-3m stainless steel stink aluminum wheel with traction function -holing machine-steel breaking machine-forming machine- winder(plate)



The three-composite rubber sealing strip is mainly composed of EPDM rubber foam and dense composite. The metal fixture material inside: steel wire or steel sheet.

Mainly used in car doors, door leaves, door frames, side windows, front and rear windshields, engine covers and trunk covers, to prevent water, dust, sound insulation, temperature insulation, shock absorption, and decoration.



High efficiency; increase product quality, reduce production costs, optimize working environment, etc.

The rubber three-composite extrusion production line mainly produces: steel core rubber sealing strips, steel belt rubber special-shaped strips, steel belt skeleton rubber strips, automotive steel belt composite sealing strips, foam + solid + steel belt rubber sealing strips.


90&75 extruded machine

Through the storage rack the steel belt will pass through the middle of the 90&75 compound rubber extruder to form a rubber three composite product.

Why we called rubber three composite product, that is actually a rubber sealing strip composed of three materials. Usually: solid EPDM, EPDM rubber foam and steel belt. So here we will use rubber three composite head.


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