What are the characteristics of plastic extruders in the production of plastic products ?



1.It is easy to maintain and repair the extruder.

2.The extruder can not only squeeze out all kinds of plastic molding, but also can be used in mixing raw materials, plasticizing raw materials and feeding and granulation for calender.

3.The production line of plastic extruder only take a small area, and the producing environment is clean.

4.The operation of extruder production is simple, the quality of the product is easy to be guaranteed and the cost of production is low.

5.The producing process is high efficient, and the products’ kind is various, have widely use in different area.

6.The process of production is continuous and the length of the product can be extended indefinitely.

7.The structure of the plastic extruder is relatively simple, the cost is low, and the investment of the extruder production line is less.