Maintenance of the plastic granulator



1. Keep the lubricating oil in each part of the machine, oiling should be made according to regulations to ensure equipment lubrication.


2.Maintain regularly, and keep the host and the auxiliary machine clean and tidy.


3.Should check the meters and the working parts regularly, if there happened an error, must stop immediately and repair it ASAP so as to ensure the service life of the equipment.


4.After turning on the machine, should always ensure the hopper base and a screw through the cooling water.


5.When the machine head is dismantled, if the downtime is longer, apply anti-rust oil to all parts on the head.


6.When the new machine start running, the lubricating oil change every quarter in the first year, after that, change the oil every half year (refer to the reducer and other parts). For other lubrication parts, keep oil constantly. Regularly clean oil filter and oil suction pipe, tank bottom should regularly eliminate oil deposition.


7.Check the gear and bearing and oil seal of the gearbox once a year (if there is no abnormal condition also can extend the maintenance period properly).


8.In the long-term stop, rust prevention and antifouling measures are required for the machine.