Detailed description of the imitation rattan production line.



The Imitation rattan production line, equipped with one extruder at least can produce various kinds of plastic rattan, meanwhile, changing the different kinds of  mold, also can produce different kinds of  rattan products. It is widely used in rattan chair, table, flower basket, craftwork and furniture, etc. Different materials, such as PE or PP, can be used to produce different textured rattan products. The imitation rattan production line made by Hebei Shuang Da rubber and Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of good plasticization, high output, stable discharge, simple and convenient operation and so on. It's worth your trust!


Products mainly include: round, flat rattan, embossing rattan cane, cane, the simulation effect of cane, cane, dream discoloration rattan, etc, widely used in indoor and outdoor furniture, such as tables, chairs, couches, and all kinds of woven crafts. The products are characterized by high ductility, washability, not easy mildew, no harmful substances, anti ultraviolet and anti bad weather conditions.


Machine features: the new imitated cane production line is divided into three color, two-color, monochrome imitation rattan machine. Including host, mold, manual net changer, cooling water tank, traction and winding system.