Plastic air cooling hot granulation machine



Plastic air cooling hot granulation machine is mainly used for granulation of PVC resin and the recycled plastics and thermoplastics,color masterbatch and granulation filling materials.


Plastic air cooling hot granulation machine is a kind of die cutting grain, similar to water ring mold. It is not that the cooling medium is not cooled by water ring or water mist, it is cooled by primary or multi-stage cyclone.The hot air-cooled granulator has no moisture in the whole production process, thus ensuring that the particles have no moisture content.Because of different plastic properties, in the process of eager molding need different cooling time and space, in order to avoid mutual adhesion between particles need to be considered sufficient cyclone cooling series, professional eagerly granulator, also in the vice machine or after extrusion section is equipped with cooling system, in order to improve the quality of cooling to finalize the design.Similar to other granulation equipment, the hot air cooling granulator has two kinds of structures, single stage and double step type.


Eagerly air-cooled granulator is typically used for processing has a short cold setting time of plastic recycling granulation forming, the most common varieties of plastics such as PVC HDPE and add calcium powder filling modified granulation, etc., made by the particles for round cakes, body full pore-free, downstream plastic manufacturers use without any dry when using particles.