Introduction of rattan imitation production line



Rattan imitation production line, also known as plastic rattan imitation machine, is a rattan imitation extrusion device equipment, its main components include plastic extruder, mold, hydraulic (or manual or manual, mesh changer (alternative, cooling tank). Traction and winding system. The production of plastic vines with different shapes and colors is the main use of the rattan machine. Plastic rattan imitation machine can produce products including round rattan, flat rattan, embossing rattan, simulation rattan, effect rattan, dream rattan, discoloration rattan and so on, is widely used in residential indoor and outdoor furniture, such as tables, chairs. Sofa and all kinds of weaving crafts. The products are characterized by strong ductility, washability, mildew, no harmful, anti-ultraviolet and anti-adverse weather environment.