Soft and hard composite sealing strip production line



Soft and hard composite sealing strip, also called black and white stripes,In the production of two plastic extruders need to be co-extrusion to extrusion.We also called soft and hard compound sealing strip production equipment called soft and hard compound glue strip extruder, actually are two plastic extruders are produced by compound die heads. When choosing the type of the plastic extruder, should based on the the size of the strip. The models of the two devices are not necessarily the same, after extrusion, we need water cooling to get the products we need. Plastic extruder in production, according to the specific material of the production materials to set. The screw and the cylinder’s temperature must be sure to set the right value in order to produce the quality products.Because if the equipment is unstable, the physical value of the product will be changed, so that the quality of the product is unstable.