Hebei Shuangda Co., Ltd successfully developed compound Coextrusion Plastics Extruder



Co-extrusion is a technique in which two materials are combined into one component in one extrusion process. The two extruders are connected in series to provide the bottom die and the respective polymer materials are co-squeezed together along the corresponding channels to obtain the extrusion adhesive of the two materials. Uniform materials, such as tpv and polypropylene, can be fused together. Multilayer extrusion is a good way to mix hard and soft materials. Typically, high hardness sections, such as thermoplastic elastomer TPV, are generally used as supporting structures for components, while low hardness materials provide flexibility. This is common in sealing applications because the sealing area is softer and the soft material can be flattened to obtain a good sealing effect. In the process of equilibrium flow, it is easy to replace polypropylene with tpv, a thermoplastic elastomer with high hardness.