Main usage of the production line of silicone tube extruding and Main advantages



Main usage of the production line of silicone tube extruding:It is suitable for producing and extruding various kinds of high-temperature cable and wire,and high-temperature silicone.

Main advantages of the production line of silicone tube extruding:

1.Use the special-designed screw, cylinder and handpiece,and there is a unique water-cycling system device inside the machine in order to prevent vulcanization.

2.It uses the automatic control system of self-centering machine head and water cooled system is automatic or manual control .

3.Our products are equipped with the precision automatic feedback system, so that can ensure the quality of the tubes and wires.On the other hand, it can also reduce the losing amount and lower the cost a lot.

4.The unique mulit-layer cycling vulcanization oven;the front section designs the oven with high temperature vulcanization, and the rear one designs coil surrounds the structure; In this way, the length of silica gel and the efficiency are increased, and the production efficiency of silica gel line is improved.

5.Unique design, screw and the materials into the cylinder together, realized the host can automatically suck the raw materials, no more need the oil-pressure feeding device.