Use and maintenance of Cold Feeding Extrusion Equipment



1.Need to add 25kg-30kg oil before using hard gear reducer (base on oil standard, add gear oil in summer, add 45 machine oil in winter, can prolong the service life of reducer by regular replacement.

2.Cold feed fixed cover regularly open 1-2 months / time, regular maintenance feeding, roller bearings adjust the gap between copper knife and feeding roll, otherwise there will be leakage, cold feeding gear each shift plus grease (butter) once.

3.Calibrate caliber die, fasten Harvard flange and all fixtures before boot.

4.If the operating temperature of the machine is between 40 ℃ and 70 ℃, the machine will easily be damaged when the temperature is too low, and rubber vulcanization will occur easily when the temperature is too high.

5.Before stopping, the glue in the cylinder screw is squeezed out, and the temperature of the cylinder screw is reduced to indoor temperature with circulating water, otherwise it will affect the next use.

6.Caution in winter use: before freezing, antifreeze must be added to circulating water to avoid equipment damage caused by freezing ice.