Safety production of rubber extruder



Do not feed the rubber extruder immediately when it is turned on. After starting the machine, the barrel screw should be heated to the appropriate temperature before feeding. Because the rubber extruder is in low temperature when it is in operation and does not produce its own temperature, the rubber will increase when it enters the barrel at low temperature. Load of barrel screw. Unplasticized rubber causes the screw to stagnate in the barrel screw, while the motor twists the screw or damages the reducer when it rotates.


The temperature of rubber extruder is relatively low in winter, the water in the mould thermostat must be drained out when stopping, lest the cold environment at night will freeze the water pipe and the mould temperature machine. In winter, it is best to use the cold water machine and antifreeze liquid to prevent freezing.


Do not put any part of the body into the rotating feeding port in production, preferably without gloves. Prevent rubber feeding by bringing gloves into the screw and hand into the barrel screw.