Silicone hose extruder simple troubleshooting



Problem Description

Cause Analysis



Temperature is too high

Reduce the temperature of the oven,discharge the porosity of the compound

There is moisture in the compound

Change the glue test machine

Excessive vulcanizing agent

Adjust the proportion of curing agent


There are dead glue in the plastic vulcanization

Feel the barrel and the nose by hand to observe whether the temperature rise of the temperature of the rubber material is vulcanized,clean up the head,the row of plastic if no,if the cleaning screw

Deviation from the core

The inner mold is too large

Replace the internal mold

Inside and outside the mold is not correct

Adjust the inner mold hole to the middle of the outer die hole

Bad outside diameter exterior


Scratch of outer mold

Replace the outer mold

The appearance of no light

Outside the model is too large

Replace the outer mold

The appearance of ripples

The outer mold is too small

Replace the outer mold

Other electrical appliances are not normal boot

The emergency stop button is not open

Open the button