Production and processing characteristics and uses of Rubber Extruders.



Rubber extruder equipment is one of our company ' s main products. The equipment is widely used in rubber machinery for extruding tread, inner tube, rubber tube and various rubber strips. The equipment works efficiently. When the rubber extruder is working, the rubber is stirred, mixed and plasticized with the help of the screw extruder, then mixed and plasticized. Then it moves to the direction of the machine head, and then the product is extruded from the die head.

Rubber extruder can also be used to produce rubber seals, because the exhaust rubber extruder can be vacuum pump production, so as to avoid the production process, there are bubbles in the production process. Mostly used in the production of styrofoam strips. The Pin rubber extruder for extrusion hose, rubber extruder pin length is short, but because there are multiple rows of pin barrel screw, the rubber in the barrel screw can get enough pressure ratio, which can make the product extrusion quality and appearance is more beautiful.