EPDM regenerated desulphurizing machine



Why should reclaimed rubber be desulphurized


No adhesive before the rubber powder has been desulphurized. Only after the desulfidation,the rubber powder can be formed, and only in that way they can stick together.The disulfide rubber powder is then rolled by the refiner and the refiner to get the regenerated glue.After being processed by other equipment, the reclaimed rubber block becomes a kind of rubber products such as soles, belts, tires and so on.


Regenerated rubber desulphurizing machine


Rubber desulphurizing machine produced by Hebei Shuang Da rubber and Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The rubber is heated by electric heating equipment, and the temperature of uniformity is provided to the rubber to achieve vulcanization effect.This product out of the elastic curing characteristics, wear resistance than traditional sulfide desulfurization products better. More thorough, more clean. 

This equipment can realize the automatic continuous production, simple structure, convenient operation, stable quality, easy control, low cost, no water, no emissions, safety and environmental protection features.