kintting Usage method



1.Adjust the equipment, adjust and stabilize, four casters off the ground.

2.Equipment wiring: this equipment use 2.5 square, 5 core cable (3 fire wire, 1 zero wire, 1 ground) put the wire connected to the electric cabinet, switching power, for the first time, according to the first to see if the inverter operation box button is bright, tachometer, according to whether (note: equipment factory has been set, boot is forward to the right direction.).

3.How to use: put 6 axis into the bobbin, the bobbin packed, lock screw, the line from the top line tube in turn porcelain ring wear out, after adding yarn board, and then after losing our yarn through threading plate, the line from the needle and adjust the gap through the set, put hooks in the rotation coil, look whether woven mesh. If you do not mesh, use a thread to tie the needle, and continue to rotate the disc until it is woven into a network.(Note:The direction of the turning coil is in the same direction as the turning direction).Then shut the door and turn it on.

4.The way to change the machine head:First remove the ten bobbin and a axis, and then, remove three M12 screws of the main shaft with wrench. Remove 3 M12 screws at the end of the connector.Remove 3 M12 screws at the end of the feeder.Push the flanges of the receiver to the top, remove the machine head, replace the new head, and tighten the screws in turn.(Note:The connecting plates at both ends must be concentric, otherwise unavailable)。

5.How to change the way of knitting:Open the fastener, gently remove the needle bar, remove the bad needle, replace the new needle, press the needle bar, lock the lock.

6.Alarm processing: If there is an alarm, the machine cant boot, need to check the reason. For example, whether the door is closed, whether the receiver thread is correct, whether the line alarm pops up.

7.Maintenance: Every shift need to add the lubricating oil.