How to maintain the plastic granulator cylinder



The cylinder is same as the screw which plays an important part in compression molding system.The machine barrels cooperate with the screw, barrel contained screw and the screw rolling in the barrel. They work together so as to complete the work of plasticizing the plastics under certain temperature condition.To use and maintain the machine barrel, please follow the followings:

1. The cylinder should be used to resist corrosion and stand wear and tear in high temperature environment(E g:38CrMoAlA).After finishing, the inner hole should be treated with nitrogen, and the hardness should more than 940HV.

2. Pay attention to the rational use of the machine barrel: In production, if there is any resin that contains reinforced or modified fiberglass or calcium carbonate materials, a sleeve with a double metal layer is used to wear a sleeve with a strong corrosion resistance should be considered.When the lining layer is damaged, it is easy to maintain, just need to replace the lining barrel.

3. After plasticizing the PVC, PC and the Butyrate materials, should add the polystyrene material to the cylinder to clean until there havent any waste materials.This procedure can prevent the damage of cylinder from the waste materials.

4. Any weights are forbidden to put on the machine barrel, so as to avoid deformation due to long time compression of the barrel.

5. When stopping produce for a long time, the cleaned machine barrel needs to lay over the preservative oil on the inner barrels surface , meanwhile, seal the inlet and the outlet .