Maintenance methods and points for attention of plastic extruder cylinder



The cylinder wear of Plastic Extruder mainly shows that the inner diameter and the diameter of the barrel increase with the wear of the process, and the cylinder is more damaged than the screw, so the damage of the cylinder is later than that of the screw. In the maintenance of cylinder and the repair process, the following items need to be noted are as follows:
1, the machine barrel because of wear increases diameter, if there is a certain nitriding layer, you can directly bore the cylinder bore grinding, get new diameter size, and then in accordance with the new diameter of the new screw.
2. By machining, the inner diameter of the barrel can be re cast by the dressing. The thickness is controlled between 1~2mm, and then fine machining to the necessary new size.
3, usually barrel are wear than the other position can be fast, homogeneous section boring dressing, matched with a nitriding alloy steel bushing, the inner hole diameter according to the screw diameter in normal clearance, processing and preparation.
4, screw and barrel manufacturing materials
At present, the domestic manufacturing screw and barrel material, 45, 40Cr and 38CrMoAlA, material imported extrusion screw and barrel machine, 34CrAINi7 and CrMoV9 commonly used alloy steel, yield strength of the material is about 900MPa. After nitriding treatment, both wear resistance and good corrosion resistance, hardness is above 1000HV.