Pin cold feed rubber extruder



The Dowel Cold Feeding Rubber Extruder is suitable for the extrusion molding of hose,tube,tape,sealing products and other rubber products;the dowel installed in the machine barrel is going deep into the notch corresponding to screw in the same function of dowel,such as endow the Dowel Cold Feeding Rubber Extruder with the characteristics of high output,low temperature,low energy consumption,high quality uniformity,stable discharging and less rubber residual in screw after closing down。

The pin cold feed extruder is very simple in design, so it is convenient for different users to use and operate. It will be higher in accuracy and easy to operate. There is a pin cold feed extruder in the design and application of the process is very flexible, able to design various aspects in the shortest possible time, in the overall requirements and can meet different application very well.