Detailed description of the assembly line of PVC plastic reinforced plastic tube



This line is designed to produce spiral inforced hose,it consists two extruders,forming unit,Sink composition.The wall of which is soft pvc and rigid pvc helix as reinforced,featuring extrusion resistannce,corrosion resistance,negative pressure resistance,anti-bending,good negotiability,so it is suitable to converying gas,liquid and powder,widely used in industry,agricultre,construction and irrigation,etc.

The tubes produced are widely applicable:

1.indoor suction, exhaust, air conditioning equipment.

2.Ventilation pipe for textile machine.

3.A civil machine, a metal polishing machine set, vacuuming.

4.Inflatable pump for ship, pump tube etc..

5.Coal mine, mine pit delivery, exhaust

6.Suction and drainage of water pump.

7.Sheathed wire.

8.A variety of mechanical ventilation. Drainage.

9.Agriculture, irrigation, etc.

The specifications, colors, and lengths of the tubes can be produced according to the requirements of the customer