Imitation cane extruder production line, Hebei double Tatsu for you to provide



Imitation rattan is a kind of polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as raw material. The production line includes extruder main, mold, cooling trough, traction and take-up system. The equipment is used to produce plastic like rattan with various shapes and colors. Products include: Madokato, flat rattan, embossed vine, simulation rattan, vine effect, dream vine, color cane and so on. It is widely used in indoor and outdoor furniture, such as tables, chairs, sofas, and all kinds of woven arts and crafts.Products with strong extensibility, washable, not easy to mildew, does not contain harmful substances, anti UV and anti bad weather characteristics.

Production line with imitating rattan extruder can produce more than one monochrome and multicolor plastic rattan, rattan products and replacement of different molds can also produce different shapes. The products are widely used in bamboo, tea table, flowers, handicrafts, furniture and other preparation. Different materials such as PE or PP can be used to produce rattan products with different textures.