Rubber and rubber extruder is introduced and extrusion forming video



Rubber extruder is used to produce all kinds of rubber hose,since there are thousands of kinds of pipe so on the production process is also has a lot of kinds,each hose production process is not the same,the use of auxiliary equipment is not the same.Thus lead to the general doesn't accord with our ideal state of the equipment.But there is one equipment most hose is used in the production,that is rubber extruder.What we mean by rubber extruder,rubber extruder is pin type because with a pin of rubber extruder screw tubes in the production of rubber wil be fully in the screw tubes refining,plus the rubber extrusion pressure make the product after extrusion compactness is higher,more smooth surface.So we in the production of rubber hose is used pin type rubber extruder for production.Below,we will produce the rubber hose attached a video for you to introduce how rubber is produced.

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