Hebei shuangda's silicon rubber strip extruder production line machine successfully



model 45 65 80 110
The screw diameter mm 45 65 80 110
Length to diameter ratio now now now now
Motor kw power 7.5 11 15 30
The screw rotation speed r/min 10-70. 10-70. 10-70. 10-70.
Production of kg/h 20-30 40-60 120-150 200-280


Hebei double company in the production of silicone extruder production line is suitable for the article silica gel and silica gel products different profile of efficient and rapid continuous vulcanization, silicone extrusion machine of unique design, successful application of feeding equipment, production stability, reducing the dependence of workers, high compression ratio and high length-diameter ratio of the screw makes the density and mixed better, products inside and outside surface is smooth, no bubbles, size: consistency, etc.

The silica gel extruder is a multi-function operating mechanism with automatic operating performance.

Reduce the manpower on many operations, improves the production efficiency in our life, for the traditional mechanical production, modern production more efficient, through technical improvement on silica gel extruder used more widely, and reduce the use of covering workshop, suitable for use in a variety of mixed environment, has a strong adaptability, and operation of the dehydration performance is very good also.


Use of such machinery to produce products, not only complete, and aesthetically pleasing, for the production process, compared with the traditional, really save a lot of power, also increased the efficiency of the machinery, has brought the more convenient operation, it is the use of modern machinery.