Principle of single screw plastic extruder



Principle of single screw plastic extruder

The first section: feed the last thread to call the material conveying section, where requirements can not but be plasticizing, preheating, compression compaction, extrusion past the old theory that here the material is loose, then through the proof here is the actual material solid plug, that is the material here by squeezing is to solid like a plug like therefore, as long as the conveying task is its function.

The second section: the second section called the compression section, screw groove volume gradually changes from big to small, and the temperature to reach the plasticizing degree, the compression by the conveying section three, down to here, this is called screw compression ratio: 25/30:1, some machines have changed, complete the material into third plastic.

The third section: the third paragraph is to maintain the material metering section, the melting temperature, just like the metering pump as accurately and quantitatively the melt conveying material, to supply the head, when the temperature is not lower than the melting temperature, generally slightly high.

Single screw extruder is composed of barrel screw, power transmission system, heating, cooling and electrical control.
Mainly used for PVC, PE, PP, ABS, TPE and other plastic processing. With a variety of auxiliary equipment, can directly produce profiles, sheet, pipe, granulation and other plastic products, plastic and extrusion molding.
Advanced equipment design, high yield, good plasticizing, low energy consumption, the use of hardened gear drive. The utility model has the advantages of low noise, stable operation, large bearing capacity, long service life, etc..