Introduction of decorative strip production line



The production line is a professional line which in producing type U decorative sealant, composed of metal sheet steel and rubber materials, commonly used in iron, steel, glass, and some sharp edges to seal a protective edge using U type decoration, also has a decorative effect, widely used in automobiles, electrical appliances, cabinets. bank, refrigerator, windows and doors, decoration, machinery and other fields.


The processing technology of Shuangda PVC plastic decorative strip production line is to mix PVC formula powder as main raw material, after mixing treatment, adding compound stabilizer, reinforcements and other auxiliaries. Produced PVC plastic fastener, wood-plastic fastener with light weight, strong toughness, easy installation, waterproof, moth-proof, surface color pattern change is also very much, and anti-pollution, good cleaning, sound insulation. Good thermal insulation properties, especially the addition of flame retardant materials in the new process to enable it to fire out, more safe to use.