compound rubber extruder



The compound rubber extruder is cold feed extrusion. The two colors are compounded by two extruders, which can produce two color rubber products. It is used for cutting and welding connection ventilation, high temperature resistant water pipe, high temperature resistant tubing, rubber winding pipe, rubber knitted pipe and other products. The utility model has the advantages of wear resistance, aging resistance, ozone resistance, high pipe body pressure, soft, light, good bending performance, small deformation, smooth appearance and beautiful appearance. 


There are many kinds of rubber pipes, and the production techniques used in the rubber pipes are different, so the production equipment used in rubber hose production is different. Generally, there are two kinds of common rubber hose, single layer rubber tube and multi-layer hose. There are wire sandwiched and steel wire in the middle of multi-layer rubber tube. The principle of production is roughly the same. The main production process is made of rubber extruder inner hose and the hose by a tractor traction to the knitting machine or winding machine or wire braiding machine for weaving operation, the line or wire wrapped in the inner tube, extrusion and then into the second units of the outer tube of rubber extruder production. The rubber tube is extruded by second rubber extruders. It needs to be cooled and isolated. Finally, the automatic cutting tube is traced for a fixed length cutting. 


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