Rubber sealing strip production line



Extrusion process is a continuous process of forming a plastic material with a certain cross section under certain conditions.


Glue along the screw forward process, due to the mechanical effect and heat effect results, rubber and plastic viscosity are changed, become a viscous fluid. According to the change of rubber material in the extrusion process, the screw part according to the effects can be divided into the feed section. The compression section and the extrusion section.


Advantages: saving heat mixing equipment, easy to realize mechanization, automation, and enhanced due to host screw shear and plasticizing effect, can make the rubber to obtain uniform temperature and plasticity; improve the quality of extruded products, improve the surface finish of extrudates with dimensions is stable and consistent; the sensitivity of cold feed press the pressure of the small team; wide application range, high flexibility; cold extruding machine investment and the production cost is low.