Water tank classification



Depend on the different materials, we can classify the tank into different kinds.Such as FRP tank,stainless steel tank, stainless steel tank with FRP, seawater FRP tank, enamel tank and galvanized steel tank.Generally speaking,tanks are always equipped with HYFI electric remote liquid level valve, water storage monitor, automatic clean system and automatic disinfection system.The overflow pipe of the tank is connected with the water drain valve of the water tank, and the water tank should be divided into two air pipes (with the anti-worm net), and the water tank is set up a ladder inside and outside.Tank generally have inlet pipe,outlet pipe,(outlet pipe, fire outlet pipe (life) overflow drain. According to the function, divided into living water tank, Fire water tank, production air-defense water tank Household water tower. In a strict sense, toilet flushing cistern do not belong to the water tank.