The exhaust hole of Rubber extruder



Our common rubber extruders are two kinds of exhaust Rubber Extruders and pin type rubber extruders. The function of the exhaust rubber extruder is the vacuum suction interface for Rubber Extruders when they are extruded to avoid bubbles. Vacuum pump is used to pump out bubbles produced by a vacuum pump in the cylinder of a rubber extruder during production. When pWhen the product is produced, the product can make the product dense and not produce the air hole to increase the quality of the product. The exhaust hole of the rubber extruder is arranged at the upper end of the screw tube, and it can be extruded through the exhaust port, which is widely used in the production process. The common extruded rubber extruders are type 90, 75, and type 120 Rubber Extruders. The type selection of the equipment is based on the size of the product. The size of the extruder is based on the diameter of the extruded screw, so the larger the model is, the larger the volume of extrusion is. The device has different extrusion ranges. We should choose the equipment type according to the volume of extrusion. 


Rubber extruder can also be used to produce rubber seals, because the exhaust rubber extruder can be vacuum pump production, so as to avoid the production process, there are bubbles in the production process. Mostly used in the production of styrofoam strips.