Operation steps of steel storage rack



1.Before starting, all the single, online button should to hit to single state, close the small circuit breaker to open the traction switch.


2.Open up switch button, transferred to the down position, then the electromagnetic clutch began to drive the chain down, until the following travel switch automatically stop. Then put the back of the steel strip from the brakes, and in turn over the up and down through all the pulley to the speed regulation conveyer, rotating the handwheel to pinch roller compaction strip.

3.The lifting switch is put in the position of lifting, so that the electromagnetic clutch drives up the chain uplift speed is controlled by the electromagnetic clutch.


4.Turn all the single machine’s speed to “Zero”, the steel storage rack can work at this time.


5.When there is no strip through, the brakes will automatically stopped, then can strip back welding. When welding, must open the brake switch, after welding, close brake switch, then the storage rack will slowly return to work.