Advantages of silicon strip extruder



1. This machine adopts AC motor and variable frequency speed adjustment. It has a wide range of speed regulation, and great adaptability to the production of different kinds of silicon rubber products and convenient operation.


2.The machine uses a special reducer with hard gear surface rubber extruder. Its noise is low, the transmission torque is large, the transmission is reliable and stable, and the maintenance is very convenient.


3. This machine adopts cylinder force feeding, it can process multi-layer rubber strip, squeeze dense, and the products are at high quality.


4.This machine is equipped with dual channels temperature-control device, when the temperature raising, the fluctuation is small. According to the different processing technology, it can choose the ideal heating temperature, and can automatically control the heating machine set temperature.


5.The machine can be heated by electric tube, and the cylinder can be cooled by circulating cooling, which can be used to cool materials instantly and reliably, in order to prevent materials are separated.