Work procedure of rubber tube extruder production line:



1.After mixing and refining, the rubber raw materials and auxiliary materials are fully fused after mixing and refining, so that the quality of the hose is more stable and more beautiful.

2.Extrusion of pin rubber extruder. The strip has been cut into strips.Through the extrusion of rubber extruder, the inner tube of the hose can be produced, so that the size of the inner tube of the hose is formed.

3.Cooling and setting by cooling water sink;

4.Knitting thread weaving. The inner tube of the hose drawn by the tractor is transported to the next link by the knitting machine. The density of the knitted fabric can be adjusted according to the withstand pressure of the hose.

5.After traction, do the traction, transportation and transport function.

6.The outer tube of the rubber tube is extruded. This step is similar to the first step. The inner tube of the knitting thread made up of the knitting machine enters the rubber extruder through the T type head, and the rubber tube blank is wrapped out from the other side of the T type die head.

7.Cooling isolation. The finished product blank is cooled by water and then separated.

8.Traction and transmission.

9.Automatic cutting. This step is to drag the rubber hose through the isolation agent to the cutting system and set the length for automatic cutting.