Reinforced plastic spiral pipe extrusion line



Reinforced plastic spiral pipe extrusion line is consist of two extruders, forming machine and a water-cooling sink.The pipe wall has soft and hard material spiral to strengthen the pressure.These products has the characteristics of resistance to extrusion, corrosion resistance, negative pressure resistance, bending resistance and good circulation.It is suitable for the transportation of gas, liquid and granular materials, and is widely used in industry, agriculture, architecture and water conservancy irrigation.

Carbon fiber tube because of its special structure and raw materials, with high strength, high toughness,corrosion resistancelight weight, long ordered, not easy to deformation etc.


It is the ideal products to replace cast iron pipe, rubber pipe and PE pipe (PE reinforced plastic spiral reinforced hose, PE double wall corrugated pipe).Widely used in agricultural irrigation (suction and drainage), optical cable protection, ventilation  (exhaust) and other fields.