Pin rubber hose extruder performance and characteristics.



1.The cylinder has sets of pins, can stir the material better and more evenly.

2.This machine adopts AC motor, variable frequency speed regulation, its speed range is large, the production of different specifications of rubber products adaptability, convenient operation.

3.This machine uses the special hardened gear reducer for rubber extruder. It has the advantages of low noise, high drive torque, reliable and stable transmission and convenient maintenance.

4.The machine adopts feeding roller forced feeding, can process multi-layer rubber tube, extrusion stability, improve the quality and qualified rate of products.

5.This machine is equipped with two channel automatic temperature control instrument. When heating, the temperature fluctuation is small, and the heating temperature can be selected according to different processing technology. And can automatically control the heating cylinder, the setting temperature of the head;

6.The machine adopts the barrel water heating, also can use steam heating. The cylinder adopts the circulation cooling, can immediately and reliably cooling material, in order to prevent material decomposition.