Rubber machinery



The rubber machinery is used for producing the tire and various kinds of rubber products. It including three major categories of general rubber machinery, tire machinery and other rubber products machinery. General rubber machinery is a machine for preparation of rubber or semi-finished products, including raw material processing machinery, rubber machine, extruder, calender, curtain canvas pretreatment device and cutting machine, etc. The rubber machine is divided into two types: open type and closed type. The opening rubber machine is mainly used for cooking, tablet compressing, gelout, plastic and mixing. The open type rubber machine began to be used in production in 1826, its structure is relatively simple, and it is still widely used in modern times. The closed type rubber machine is mainly used for the plastic and mixing of rubber. It has a mixing chamber more than the open type rubber machine. The extruder is a rubber machine for extruding tread, inner tube, rubber tube and various rubber strips. It is also used for cladding cable and wire products, etc. The most common is screw extruder. When it is working, the rubber is stirred, mixed, plasticized and pressed by the rotation of the extruding screw, then moves to the direction of the head, thus extruding certain shape products. The calander is mainly used for the adhesive or rubbing of the curtain canvas, the bonding of the rubber, the press and the embossing. The calender was made in 1857 and used in production, after that, it is continue to improve until now.

Tire machinery includes tire forming machine, tyre traveller, tire curing vulcanizing machine, capsule vulcanizing machine, cushion belt vulcanizing machine, inner tyre connector and inner tyre vulcanizing machine, and tire machinery, tire repair machinery and reclaimed rubber production machinery..