Equipment use and maintenance of rubber extruder



(1)Everyday needs to check the lubrication of all moving parts at least once or twice per working shift.

(2)Before starting to produce,cylinder and molding tools need some time to heat so that to let the temperature raise.If the temperature is below the raw material plasticizing temperature, it is not allowed to produce.

(3)The screw must be started at low speed and only after a period of time in low speed will allow the screw speed to increase gradually.

(4)The screw is not allowed to idling more than 2~3min inside the cylinder, in order to avoid the screw becoming in bad situation.

(5)When cleaning the litter or dust on the cylinder , screw and the model,only allowed to use the bamboo or copper knife.Can not use the iron knife or use fire to clean the litter.

(6)After using the extruder over 2500-5000h , it is the time to stop it and do some maintenance.You need to separate the machine and check which parts need to repair or change ,keep the extruder in a good condition.